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Silenced Mixed-Flow Fan

At Hydro Experts, we carry a wide selection of high-performance mixed-flow AC fans to meet your air circulation and ventilation needs. Our silenced mixed-flow AC fans provide an optimal balance of airflow, static pressure, and efficiency while producing very low noise levels. 

Our Can-Fan Iso-Max AC fans feature a unique aerodynamic blade design and a double-inlet centrifugal blower to deliver superior performance and air movement. These whisper-quiet AC fans generate only 44 dB of sound, making them ideal for applications where noise reduction is critical. 

Our Blauberg Iso-Mix AC fans utilize a forward curved centrifugal blower and stylish grille design to deliver high airflow and low static pressure. The aerodynamic shape of the mixed-flow blades allows these AC fans to operate at whisper-quiet sound levels below 45 dB. 

Whether you need a silenced mixed-flow AC fan for commercial kitchen ventilation, industrial process cooling, or data centre air handling, we have a solution that meets your performance and noise abatement requirements. Our selection of silenced mixed-flow AC fans provides reliable ventilation with high efficiency and minimal sound levels to keep your facility comfortable and operational.

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