DE-NAT Dust-a-Way is an all-natural non-toxic barrier that is made from ancient fossilized
remains of a unique sea-kelp. This naturally refined compound provides many benefits for
your garden. DE-NAT Dust-a-Way is comprised of specially sized Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
Dust-a-Way is 100% chemical-free. Therefore, safe for you and the environment.
-Natural source of silica
-Excellent thermal barrier and insulator
-Easy application shaker
-PH stable
Dry Application: Sprinkle over plants and their bases on the soil. To coat the underside of
foliage using a squeeze-puff action.
Foliar Application: Mix 15g of DE-NAT per liter of water. Spray all sides of the plant and
the underside of leaves until wet, but not dripping.
Use in growing and the first week of flower only.
STORAGE: Keep in a dry place.
Do not directly inhale any fine dust from the product. If dust is present always wear an appropriate
face mask and eye protection. Keep away from children.


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