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Apollo Horticulture

Apollo Horticulture is popularly known for producing some of the most affordable as well as quality LED grow lights for hydroponics systems on the market today. Their products are not only reasonably priced, but they also happen to offer a lot in terms of usefulness. That is why Apollo brand has very satisfied customer reviews. The Apollo LED Grow Lights produced by Apollo Horticulture have a simple design and easy to install that can be placed closer to the plant canopy than other lights. The grow light LEDs are full spectrum LED which are ideal for all phases of plants growth and flower stage. The average lifespan of their grow lights is 50,000 hours with a limited 2-year warranty. Apollo Horticulture LED grow lights produce considerably less heat and consequently does not require ballasts and are energy saving.

Some of the popular products we stock from this popular brand are Apollo 4 (135W), Apollo 6 (209W), Apollo 8 (275W), Apollo 10 (360W), Apollo 12 (430W), Apollo 16 (580W), Apollo 18 (640W), and Apollo 20 (720W).

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