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Pinelab Stealth Suffient Ultimate Kit Package - 120x120x213CM

Spectro 240W LED + 6" Fan + Air-Pots + Nutrients Pack





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We want to make it easy for growers to start gardening at home. We produced a solution to help our customer with a top shelf kit to start growers' journey to self-sufficiency!

The Sufficiency Kit comprises of our most popular, efficient lighting solution (Spectro LED), housed within the award-winning Pinelab Tent. We also include the essentials of for ventilation, lighting control, pots, and more! This will allow you to grow two healthy, happy plants – perfect for the new home grower or someone wanting to upgrade their existing domestic setup!

The Sufficiency Kit includes:

Pinelab Grow Tent 1.2M x 1.2M x 2.13M:

  • The Pinelab 4x4 is the ultimate home-gardener solution! 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.13m of premium cultivation space with all the Pinelab unique specialised grow tent features! The Pinelab 4x4 includes all our practical duct outlets, unique drainage solutions, window filters, cable grommets and inbuilt external gear board! Using military grade oxford cloth for super tough exterior and ultimate white film reflective interior; this is the research standard for a 1.2m grow tent! Perfect 2.13m height for heavy fruiting and flowering plants!

  • Ideal for DE (Double-Ended) HPS lamps, LED fixtures and CMH lights! Our 4x4 tents are perfect for vegetative growth, or as a small flowering space! Perfect for new and experienced gardeners alike! Everyone from domestic gardeners to commercial cultivators will appreciate the serious attention to detail found on the Pinelab 1.2x1.2m tents!

Hi-par Spectro 240w LED Grow Light:

  • HI-PAR SPECTRO 240w LED - The future of LED Horticultural Lighting! SPECTRO 240w is built differently; with interchangeable LED bars for custom spectra, a wide-angle 120° output, pure performance diodes (Osram & Lumi Leds), and a unique high-performance driver for maximum efficiency! SPECTRO 240w is suited for rugged horticultural conditions - IP54 rated with novel passive cooling capability on each LED bar. Lighter, Less, Power - SPECTRO 240w is perfect for vegetative and floral growth and will ensure heavy flowers and high high-quality. All SPECTRO fixtures are compatible with HI-PAR Control Station V2.

SigilVentus EC Mixed Flow Inline 150mm Fan and Controller:

  • This fan is an extremely low-profile inline fan with jet-engine blades design and metal housing. Combined with an EC motor for no-humming, no vibration, smooth operation and the most energy efficient performance.
  • It is an outstanding fan in the market because of its high efficiency, resulting from a built-in multiphase brushless DC motor design, sending this compact inline fan to high speeds and a high static pressure rating as well as maintaining a lower level of power consumption. Included in the box is an 8 speeds controller for maximum flexibility.

Time-Tastic Light Controller:

  • No needs to reset your Timer from 18hrs to 12hrs, just push one button to switch over. Time-Tastic Timer – The ultimate in simplicity for grow room control! Time-Tastic Grow and Bloom single button timer allows you to easily switch between vegetative (grow / 18hrs) and floral (bloom / 12hrs) with one easy button! Reliability, simplicity and powerful – The Time-Tastic Push and Grow Timer can manage up to 2400w with a monster 30AMP breaker!
  • Use the Time-Tastic with hydroponic lighting, heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, pumps, or other crucial components of your room, and set it with ease! Time-Tastic takes the guesswork out of complicated timers and allows you to easily see which cycle type your room is operating and adjust with a single press of a button! Amazing! Built for compliance and achieving Australian standards of safety certification – the Time-Tastic provides true peace of mind!
  • The ultimate in simplicity for grow room control! Time-Tastic Grow and Bloom single button timer allows you to easily switch between vegetative (grow / 18hrs) and oral (bloom / 12hrs) with one easy button! Reliability, simplicity and powerful – The Time-Tastic Push and Grow Timer can manage up to 2400W with a monster 30AMP breaker!

House & Garden Coco Nutrients Starter pack:

  • The House & Garden Starter Kit provides growers with our complete range of base nutrients and stimulants. This is a precisely calculated feeding regime with each unique essential component provided in their specific bottle for seriously impressive results. Using the complete range of H&G Nutrients ensures your plants reach their genetic potential. Prize winning results can be achieved as we have included all required macro and trace elements, enzymes, co-enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and stimulants to achieve those maximum yields!

Air-Pruning Pots:

  • Air-Pruning pots are designed to encourage rapid plant and root growth. The innovative design utilizes the plant's own mechanism to encourage root growth by continually air pruning the roots when they reach the holes in the bubbles. By having a more fibrous root system instead of creating a tap root, the plant will not become root bound. 
  • Root branching occurs well back within the root ball and several new roots grow to adjoining cusps. The process repeats at an accelerating rate until the growing medium is colonised with fresh new roots. Suddenly, when all the medium’s pore space is filled with roots, root growth slows.

In The Box

  • [1] x Pinelab Specialised Grow Tent - 1.2M x 1.2M x 2.13M (Ultimate Home Gardener Solution)
  • [1] x Hi-Par Spectro LED Grow Light - 240W | Osram and LUMILED LED chips | IP54
  • [1] x Sigilventus EC Inline Fan w/ Speed control - 150MM (6" Inch) | 350CFM
  • [1] x Time-Tastic Grow & Bloom Timer - 30AMP Breaker | Weather resistant
  • [1] x House & Garden Starter Kit
  • [2] x Plastic Root Pruning Pots
  • [1] x 2L Pro Mantis - Free