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Mushroom Experts Ready to Grow Mushroom Kit - Yellow Oyster (Pleurotus Citrinopileatus)

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT using your Mushroom Kit straight away, store it in the fridge. If you are gifting the kit - Take the bag out of the box and keep it in the fridge (re-box when ready to gift).

Yellow Mushroom (Pleurotus citrinopileatus )

Yellow oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) are a visually striking mushroom variety known for their bright golden hue. Beyond esthetics, they offer culinary benefits as well - upon cooking, their flavour profile can be described as nutty, reminiscent of cashew. 

Physically, golden oyster mushrooms form tight clusters of small caps, so care must be taken when handling to avoid breakage. However, their hardiness makes them well-suited to a variety of growing methods commonly used in non-commercial settings. Home cultivators will find them productive in buckets and reusable containers across a wide temperature range.

Those seeking to showcase the mushrooms' sunny colouration can do so through the use of LED lighting during cultivation. Overall, golden oyster mushrooms represent an appealing choice for beginners venturing into mushroom farming, with their ease of growth and dual rewards for the eyes and palate.

  • Incubation period: 10 - 14 days (depending on substrate). The average incubation period is 14 days.
  • Incubation temperature: Room temperature between 24 - 30°C. Do not let the substrate temperature exceed 30°C.
  • Pinning temperature: 18 - 27°C 
  • Pinning humidity: 90 - 99% relative humidity
  • Fruiting temperature:
    • Range: 18 - 30°C
    • Ideal: 18 - 24°C
  • Fruiting humidity: 90 - 95% relative humidity
  • CO2 concentration: 500 - 800 ppm

In The Box

  • [1] x Mushroom Experts Ready to Grow Mushroom Kit - Yellow Oyster (Pleurotus Citrinopileatus)

What's Included in Your Mushroom Kit

Please take a moment to review the included items in your mushroom kit. If you have any other questions, our team is happy to assist further. 

The kit contains:

  • Mushroom Substrate Bag: This bag is pre-filled with the grain substrate on the bottom portion.
  • Mushroom Spore Syringe: A sterile syringe containing the mushroom spore liquid culture solution and needle for inoculation.  

Inoculation and Incubation Process

  1. First, use the provided sterile wipe to sanitize the area of the substrate bag where you will inject the liquid culture solution. This injection point should be located at the bottom grain portion. 
  2. Next, insert the syringe needle. Use a lighter or gas stove flame to sterilize the needle until it turns red hot, then allow it to fully cool. 
  3. Once cooled, use the syringe to inject the liquid culture directly into the grains through the substrate bag wall at the sterilized injection point. You only need the very tip of the needle inserted. 
  4. After inoculating, apply sterile tape over the needle hole for containment. Your substrate bag has now been successfully inoculated with the mushroom liquid culture.
  5. Store the inoculated bag in a dry, dark location with an average temperature of 24°C, such as a cabinet or drawer. Check back within 1-2 weeks to ensure full colonization of the grains, which will appear white. 
  6. Once fully colonized, gently mix the substrate and grains by hand-shaking the bag, being careful not to damage the sealed top. Return it to the storage conditions for an additional 2 weeks. 

Tip: Most Mushroom Substrate bags should be white. some mushroom strains (like Lion's mane) sometimes do not look like they are fully colonised, but as long as the bag feels firm your Mushroom Substrate bag is ok.

Please let us know if you require any other guidance during the cultivation process. We're here to support your successful mushroom growing.