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Grotek Gro-Silic - 250ML / 500ML / 1L / 4L / 10L / 23L | Monosilicic Acid

SKU: ADDT40620

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Grotek Gro-Silic is a concentrated liquid silicon supplement suitable for soilless and hydroponic systems. This plant-available form of silicon (monosilicic acid) helps improve plant growth and quality, in part by hardening cell walls. Plants with improved cell wall structure are better able to endure periods of stress such as high temperatures and drought.

In The Box

  • [1] x Grotek Gro-Silic - 250ML / 500ML / 1L / 4L / 10L / 23L | Monosilicic Acid

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

  • Silicon as dioside ---- 28.0%

Shake well before using.
Foliar application: Dilute to 1:5000 or greater. Apply at the 3 - 8 leaf stage and once monthly thereafter as required.

Soilless/water culture applications: For nutrient solutions apply at a rate of 0.15-0.30ml/l.
Grotek Gro-Silic is a strong base and should never be added to nutrient concentrates. To avoid precipitation of nutrients, it is recommended to add Grotek Gro-Silic to nutrient tank and adjust pH to desired range prior to adding other nutrients. If adding to an existing nutrient solution, predilute in a small amount of water. Check pH and adjust to 5.5-6.5 depending on crop requirements. Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight (between +10°C and +25°C). Protect from frost and other climatic extremes. Secure lid between uses.

!!Warning Statements!!
Do not swallow. the spray from this product may act as an irritant. Avoid inhalation and contact with the eyes and skin. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Causes skin and eye irritation. Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using this product. Wear protective gloves / protective clothing/eye protection face protection.
If on skin: wash with plenty of water. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If exposed or concerned: Seek medical advice or attention. Dispose of contents and container in accordance with regulations. Users are encouraged to seek further advice.