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Eazy Plug Pyramid - Large | 25 x 25 x 15CM

SKU: SUBS50221
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Eazy Pyramid is the next step in the growing system. Once the seedling or plant in the Eazy Block has grown to optimal size, it can simply be placed on top of the prepared Eazy Pyramid to continue growing. The roots will grow downward and branch outwards, air pruning when as they reach the outside of the Eazy Pyramid. This concentrates the plants' growing energy into growing a dense healthy root system. The size and design of the Pyramid make it the equivalent to growing in a standard 300mm (13.5L) pot filled with growing media - but without the pot! The Eazy Pyramid maintains the perfect air-to-water ratio, without the risk of over-watering.

  • Compatibility 
    • All known growing media, like Rock Wool, coir pith, black and white peat, garden soil, potting soil, soil-less mixes, bark fines and wood mulch, sand and grit, wood fibres, perlite, pumice, clay, and vermiculite. 
  • Employability 
    • Hydroponic systems like eb&flow, drip-feed (recovery and non-recovery), Nutrient film technique, wick systems, floating platforms, deep water culture, aquaponic systems, dry hydroponics soil (indoor and outdoor).
  • Re-moistening time when completely dehydrated 
    • pouring from above < 2 minutes
    • immerge < 2 minutes
    • drip-feed - depends on the ratio
    • watering from below < 60 minutes 
  • Composting 
    • 100% in normal composting conditions, no industrial composting necessary. 
    • Declared: bonding of components has no discernible effect on composability. 
  • Safety 
    • Declared: material meets safety requirements of REACH. 
  • Toxicity 
    • Declared: non-toxic.
  • Cultivation details
    • For the air pruning effect, usage of the pyramid without sleeves is strongly advised. In such cases, photosynthetic algae like green algae can occur. This does not affect plant life and is only an optical issue. Green algae can be easily treated with fungicides and/or a light copper solution.


  • Model: Pyramid
  • Size moist: 25 x 25 x 15 cm
  • Air-to-water ratio: 20-80
  • Volume: 4.5 L
  • EC: 1.0 *
  • pH: 5.8 *
  • Weight moist: 3.6 kg
  • Weight dried: 0.5 kg

In The Box

  • [1] x Eazy Plug Pyramid - Large | 25 x 25 x 15CM

Stronger, healthier plants in less time

  • The Eazy Pyramid is an amazing new development for the horticultural sector.  Its optimized growing volume, equivalent to 13,5 ltr (3 gal), is enough for a whole crop cycle. It is also enhancing all the unsurpassed characteristics of the Eazy Plug. Like predetermined and buffered pH and EC values, or the completely self-regulating air-to-water ratio. You could honestly say that the Eazy Pyramid is the next evolution in organic growing.

Dense root structure caused by air pruning

  • Eazy Pyramid is bonded firmly to be used without plastic wrapping. This way roots will stop growing when meeting air at the outside of the block. As a result, the roots will start growing new root branches inside the block, seriously increasing the number of absorbing rootlets in the block, and creating a much denser rooting system. It is called the air pruning effect. This way the absorption capability of the root structure is maximized for the best possible intake of nutrients and fluids.

Limitless shelf life

  • The Eazy Pyramid is supplied dried, making it clean and lightweight, with limitless shelf life and no risk of Molds. A dry Eazy Pyramid takes water back up very easily and quickly, retaining all its former characteristics. So altogether easy to use.

Fast and healthy plant development

  • As a result, the effective root surface area of your plant will be much bigger, and with it the uptake of water with the beneficial nutrients you are adding. Your plant will grow faster, will be healthier and produce higher yields than in any other available growing medium.

Step 1: Moisten Eazy Pyramid

  • Prepare water with a pH of 5.8 and an EC of 1.4. Again, on personal preference, you can add a root stimulator to the water. Allow the Eazy Pyramid to fully suck up the prepared water. Let it drain out excess water. Do not squeeze out or dry the Pyramids. Eazy Pyramids are self-regulating and will only hold the water they need for an optimum moisture level and an optimum air-to-water ratio.

Step 2: Put block onto the pyramid

  • Put the Eazy Block with young plant simply on top of the Eazy Pyramid. It will fit there nicely and will continue developing its roots inside the pyramid without a transplant shock.

Step 3: Remoistening

  • For quick root development, only remoisten the Eazy Pyramids after 3 days from start and in optimum climate conditions even only after 5 days. Remoistening can be done by all known techniques, like drip-feeding, ebb and flow system, manual, etc.

Step 4: Fertilizing

  • After 5 days start adding a light fertilizing mix to the water up to an EC of 1.2-1.4 and a pH of 5.8.

Step 5: Determine optimum EC

  • The air pruning effect generates a much more advanced root structure with a much bigger hair root mass and with it an increased uptake capacity. As a result, many growers can suffice with an EC value that is +/- 0.2 lower than in older traditional substrates. At first sight of leaves getting lighter green, you should raise the EC immediately back to 0.2. With the Eazy Pyramid material, it will take longer for the leaves to grow lighter than with ordinary pots or Rock-Wool if it already occurs.

Air pruning effect of the Eazy Pyramid

  • When the tips of the roots grow outside the Eazy Pyramid, they are exposed to dry air because there is no plastic sleeve around the block. This causes the apical cells at the tip of the root to dehydrate, or become air pruned. This effect stimulates the growth of secondary roots, branching out the original roots and growing within the Eazy Pyramid. These secondary roots spread throughout the Eazy Pyramid until again they reach the outer sides where they get air pruned again, stimulating more root growth. The overall air pruning effect is the establishment of a well-developed root system that is spread evenly throughout the Eazy Pyramid.

No wrapping

  • Due to its stabilization, there is no need for wrapping, resulting in natural air pruning of the roots growing outside the Eazy Pyramid. This air pruning strongly stimulates the production of new root tips inside the Eazy Pyramid. As a result, an Eazy Pyramid will be fully grown with smaller hair roots instead of having a few base roots that grow downwards between growing medium and wrapping like with all conventional blocks. This way there is abundant root growth inside the entire Eazy Pyramid, making better use of water and nutrition.

No plastic pots

  • Due to the same strong stabilization, there is no need for a plastic pot either. Again, offering the advantage of natural air pruning, resulting in a dense mass of hair roots inside the Pyramid. When using a plastic pot, the base roots will grow to the outside, meeting the impermeable wall of the pot and starting to continue their growth alongside the wall of the pot. This results in winding roots or a so-called root-knot with little to no branching and hair roots. The uptake capacity is there for incomparable and no match for the Eazy Pyramid.

Eazy Pyramid is self-regulating

  • An Eazy Pyramid has a neutral pH level of 5.5-6.0 and this pH level is buffered. Small deviations can be corrected by the Pyramid. The Eazy Pyramid gets a soft base fertilizer with it. The Pyramid has a pre-determined optimal air-to-water ratio. When the Eazy Pyramid can drain out excess water, it will hold the optimum amount of water by itself. Dry cultivation is no problem, the remaining moisture will be evenly divided throughout its material and the Eazy Pyramid always takes water back up easily.