Chikamasa Scissors B-500SF | Non-Stick Fluoride Coating

Razor Sharp Edge | Made in Japan

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The outside of B-500 line's blade is grinded round, so it would not damage grain of grape. When thinning out grain of grape and reversing a wrist, shears and tweezers are used at the same time. Ressting from sap and juice by fluorine coating and groove at back of blade. Scale at the blade and handle helps you to trim accurately.

In The Box

  • [1] x Chikamasa Scissors B-500SF | Non-Stick Fluoride Coating
  • Combines superior craftsmanship with practically
  • Long lasting, flourine coated, stainless stell blades repel sap
  • Large grips are perfect for both left and right handed use
  • Rounded outer edge prevents accidental plant damage
  • WINNER: "Trimmers Choice Award"