Blauberg Turbo G Mixed Flow Fan - 300MM (12" Inch) | 1030CFM | Thermostat | Speed Control

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The Blauberg Turbo G Mixed Flow Fan is the best ventilation solution for premises requiring permanent temperature control as greenhouses, orangeries, etc.

Complete with 4 metre wired thermo probe for accurate temperature readings.

Operating the fan speed controller and thermostat:

  • Set your desired grow room temperature on the thermostat (e.g. 20 degrees celsius)
  • Set the desired speed you wish the fan to run (e.g. medium speed)

When your grow room temperature drops below the set temperature on the thermostat (20 degrees celsius), the fan will operate at the selected speed (medium). When the temperature rises above the selected temperature, the fan will increase its speed to maximum until the temperature drops again to the desired level.

This means that when the area cools down, the fan will then also slow down reducing overcooling.


  • Phase, [˜]: 1
  • Voltage, [V]: 230
  • Frequency, [Hz]: 50/60
  • Power, [W] (min): 227
  • Power, [W] (max): 315
  • Current, [A] (min): 0.99
  • Current, [A] (max): 1.42
  • Maximum air capacity, [m³/h] (min): 1420
  • Maximum air capacity, [m³/h] (max): 1750
  • RPM, [min-¹] (min): 2115
  • RPM, [min-¹] (max): 2505
  • Sound pressure level at 3 m distance, [dBA] (min): 47
  • Sound pressure level at 3 m distance, [dBA] (max): 56
  • Max. operating temperature, [°C]: 60
  • Ingress protection rating: IP X4

Turbo 315 Dimensions

  • D1: 310MM
  • B: 323MM
  • H: 362MM
  • L: 408MM
  • Weight: 11.7KG

In The Box

  • [1] x Blauberg Turbo G Mixed Flow Fan - 300MM (12" Inch) | 1030CFM | Thermostat | Speed Control

These Blaubergs mixed flow fans offer a range of features including;

  • Casing made of low flammable polypropylene
  • Single-phase motor on ball bearings
  • Equipped with thermal overload protection with automatic restart
  • Automatic speed control depending on indoor temperature with thermostat


  • Due to compact design the fan is the ideal solution for mounting in limited spaces, including space behind a false ceiling.
  • The fan can be installed in any section of the ventilation system from intake to the end of the ductworks.
  • Wall or ceiling mounting with a mounting plate.