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Armour Series LEC/CMH Fixture - 315W | + Philips 315W 930 CDM Elite Lamp
On Sale 17% OFF RRP $650.00
Hi-Par Digital CMH LEC Ballast Kit - 315W | + E40 Adaptor | Full Spectrum
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Hi-Par Digital CMH LEC Ballast Kit - 315W | + Horti-Vision 315W Lamp + E40 Adaptor
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Hi-Par Digital CMH LEC Ballast Kit - 315W | + Philips 315W 930 Lamp + E40 Adaptor
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Hi-Par Digital Dimmable Ballast - 600W | 240V & 400V | + Philips 600W 400V Lamp
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Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS - Data Transfer Unit (DTU)
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Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS - Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

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Professional Lighting Systems Hi-Par is based on innovation and quality. Bringing you the latest in horticultural digital lighting technology with maximum PAR output and efficiency. Perfect for medical, industrial and hobby horticulturalists. Experience the power of 400v and CHM technology. ...

Welcome to Nanolux Technology , the leading brand of horticultural ballasts in the world. We are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market. The Nanolux Technology team brings over 40 years of experience in the horticultural and hydroponic industries to the table. We also have the largest network in the industry with the best after sale service, bar none. Nanolux Technology is continually advancing the industry, surpassing the status quo with new designs that are not only more effici ...

WELCOME TO LUMATEK. MORE LUMENS, MORE BLOOMS… Lumatek is the number one supplier of Electronic Ballasts to hydroponics and horticultural industries worldwide and is proudly available in at least 15 countries. Not stopping at electronic ballasts, the full Lumatek line offers exceptional quality, High-Par output lamps, ballast accessories to actively enhance temperature control and the latest in innovative lighting solutions, th ...

Galaxy is the premier electronic ballast in the hydroponics and horticultural industry worldwide, with proven product reliability in all types of growing environments. Galaxy Electronic Ballasts offer rugged dependability and superior output compared to magnetic ballasts. There's a wide selection of options to choose from, such as, the technologically advanced Galaxy Digital Logic Series, the mega-powered Galaxy Grow Amp 1500W - the "muscle car" of electronic ballasts - to the versatile Galaxy Grow Amp 400W Select-A-Watt with Turbo Charge and everything in ...