Want To Go 100% Organic? Start With Organic Gardening Solutions

Why use Organic Soils?

Organics soils are exploding with microbial activity and, packed with nutrients, and are scientifically balanced & suitable for continuous nutrient cycling and demineralisation. Organic soils are the best option for plant growth because they provide a wide range of nutrients that can help plants to thrive. Additionally, organic soils retain moisture better than other mediums, which can be beneficial for plants that require a lot of water.


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Organic Gardening Solutions

"There is no comparison to the incredible quality of 100% organic living soil. We believe you should feed the soil, fostering your plants' most productive environment possible."

Organic Gardening Solutions is an Australian-made and owned company that has been at the forefront of Australian organics for over seven years, providing high-quality no-till soil and amendments to the market since 2015, 

OGS is the pinnacle of living organic soil and comes from years of combined experience from some of the top minds worldwide and locally, and we are 100% transparent regarding the inputs in our products. We believe that you can never really accept an organic product unless you can see every ingredient listed on the product.

OGS believes that Australia is at the forefront of pushing premium organic gardening, and through education and utilization of OGS products, we want to help everyone produce more bountiful harvests!


Organic Gardening Solutions Liquid Organic Fertilizer 1L

Organic Gardening Solutions Aloe Boost 1L

Organic Gardening Solutions OGM 1L

Organic Gardening Solutions No Till Nutrient Kit - 2KG



OGS No TIL SOIL - Shop Now!!!

OGS No-Till Soil is the premium choice for nutrient-intensive Living Organic Soil explicitly designed to facilitate quick uptake and release of organic nutrients for fast flowering crops.

If you want to produce the highest quality harvests with superior quality and yield, our No-Till Soil is a perfect choice.

What's in OGS No-Till Soil?

  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
    • Natural and organic soil conditioner that regulates moisture while providing superior cationic exchange capacity to allow maximum nutrient levels to the plants.
  • Aeration Blend
    • A Mixture of Scoria, Rice Hulls, Perlite and Zeolite. These work together to provide air-filled porosity in the soil to keep it full of oxygen for the plant's roots. Our rice hulls also slowly feed your plant's silica to increase resilience to bugs and reinforce branches, making them sturdy to the elements.
  • Vermicompost
    • Refined by worms to be nutrient-dense, pH neutral, rich in humic content and simply exploding with micro-organisms – all thanks to worms!
  • Nutrient Kit
    • Our diverse blend of organic inputs creates the perfect buffet of nutrients for your plant to thrive.


OGS ALOE BOOST - Shop Now!!!

Aloe boost is a plant's best friend. Aloe is abundant with complex carbohydrates, microbes, and beneficial plant hormones breathing life into your soil and plants whilst consistently promoting healthy growth and strengthening your plants' immune system against heat, pests and stress.

OGS Aloe boost is 100% fresh Aloe, which is then cold pressed to preserve all the active properties and benefits.

Aloe Boost will help your plant to thrive in any stage of growth, containing Vitamins and micronutrients to accelerate plant growth Salicylic acid boosts the plant immune system (via the SAR pathway) and Five different polysaccharides are formulated to increase nutrient uptake, making it a perfect addition during bloom!


OGS Liquid Organic Fertiliser - Shop Now!!!

OGS Liquid organic fertiliser is what all growers have dreamed of for years. Rich in nutrients and microbes, our fertiliser is perfect for any stage of plant growth and will result in significantly increased yields during bloom.

With a balanced nutrient profile of 1.5/1.5/1.5 and a whopping 4.5% calcium & 1.5% Magnesium, our liquid fertiliser is a calcium-magnesium and microbe source all in one easy-to-use product.

Our Aloe & Kelp-based fermentation incorporates more than six different microbes (and a little hummus) blended to create a 100% organic product that we know will simply blow you away!

Rich in salicylic acid, which aids in the plant's immune system and saponins, allowing greater water penetration and even distribution in the soil, it covers both nutrients and non-nutrient. You can also use OGS liquid fertiliser as a soil inoculator, foliar spray or a soil drench.

You can also apply our fertiliser confidently until the end of harvest without fearing nutrient burn or negatively affecting the flavour.



OGM is a probiotic liquid microbial inoculant that requires no brewing. It contains over 80 types of aerobic and anaerobic microbes, including

  • Lactic acid bacteria
  • Photosynthetic bacteria
  • Non-purple sulphur bacteria
  • Yeasts Fungi Actinomycetes
  • Trichoderma
  • Phototrophic bacteria

OGM will improve crop health, flavour, colour, and biomass and significantly increase the disease-preventing phytochemicals in your plants. The microbes in OGM facilitate a boost in your plants' flavonoids, increasing and refining your crops' flavour profile.

OGM will also stimulate the production of anthocyanins responsible for the gorgeous deep purple, blue and red colourations we see in crops.

Finally, increased microbial diversity in the soil will lead to greater nutrient cycling and nutrient availability to the plant in the long term, ensuring your crops continue to get better as time goes by.