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Flood & Drain Grow Trays (Tables)

Hydro Experts offers an extensive variety of grow trays specifically designed for flood and drain hydroponics systems. These professional hydroponics grow trays provide the ideal growing environment for your plants with their durable ABS plastic construction, angled bases, and adjustable legs. 

Whether you need a standard Garland tray, X-Tray, or Duralastic grow tray, our flood and drain trays make ideal foundations for hydroponics cultivation. The angled bases and drain channels allow for simple draining of nutrient solution while the adjustable legs permit elevated positioning for optimal light penetration and air circulation. 

Our grow trays come in a range of sizes to suit your needs, from smaller personal use Flood and drain trays to larger commercial Pro Grow trays. Our flood and drain tables are made from high-quality ABS plastic that is BPA-free, resistant to moisture and chemicals, and built to last for years of dependable use. 

If you're looking for hydroponics trays that drain to waste, require minimal maintenance, and provide optimal conditions for plant growth, look no further than our extensive selection of flood and drain grow trays. Our durable hydroponics grow tables will help maximize your yield while simplifying the growing process.

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