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Soil Moisture Meter

Accurately measure the moisture of your soil and maximize yields with the best soil moisture meters on the market. Whether you need a multi-function soil tester for moisture, pH, and EC levels or a basic moisture reader, we have the tools to keep your plants happy and healthy. Bluelab Pulse meters are a popular option, using capacitance technology to provide an instant reading of the soil's moisture percentage. Multi-function soil testers allow you to check the moisture, pH, and EC (electrical conductivity) of your growing medium, giving you a full overview of soil conditions. 

Blumat moisture meters work passively, using wicking technology to draw water from a reservoir when the soil becomes dry. This helps maintain consistent moisture without over or under watering. Soil pH testers are essential for optimal growth, as plants prefer a specific pH range. A soil moisture meter ensures you apply the right amount of water at the correct times, reducing issues like root rot and wilting. Soil moisture sensors alert you when irrigation is needed, while plant moisture meters check the hydration of foliage and stems directly. 

Whether growing in coco coir, soilless mixes, or traditional soils, accurate moisture readings improve results. Make the most of your indoor plants, cannabis grows, vegetable gardens, and more with a top-rated soil moisture meter. Capacitance and resistance technology provide precise measurements you can trust to optimize irrigation and maximize yields.

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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter - 3 in 1