Aeroponics is a type of hydroponic system where a nutrient solution is sprayed directly onto the root system. Generally, plants get a very quick start and often a cutting of a plant will root directly into the aeroponic system.

What you'll need to build your own basic Aeroponic system:

  • Container to hold the nutrient solution (a reservoir).
  • Submersible fountain/pond pump.
  • Tubing to distribute water from the reservoir pump to the mister heads in the growing chamber.
  • Enclosed growing chamber for the root zone.
  • Mister/sprinkler heads.
  • Watertight container for the growing chamber where the plants' root systems will be.
  • Tubing to return the excess nutrient solution back to the reservoir. 
  • Timer (preferably a cycle timer) to turn on and off the pump. 

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