Hormones for Hydroponics

When your plant is going through some rough phases, growth, and development, & its quality is degraded, your plant needs to be taken care of. Plant hormones are the best possible way you can do it. When used correctly, plant growth and development is accelerated and improves root development.

Bud Wise Pollen Remover is used to reverse hermaphroditism, removes chromosome Y (male flower) with a focus on maximising the X chromosome (promote female) this allows the user to harvest a female plant.

Bud Wise Pollen Remover - 200ML | Female Hormone | Concentrate Budwise

Bud Wise Pollen Remover - 200ML


Bud Wise Pollen Remover - 50ML | Female Hormone | Concentrate Budwise

Bud Wise Pollen Remover - 50ML


GrowHard Australia Bitchin'N - 1L | Use to Induce Female and Remove Male Traits

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Author: CANNA   Date Posted: 10 October 2017  

When your growing your own plants, feeding your plants is complicated. The right mixture of nutrients is essential. Mixing the wrong nutrient solution may cause blockage. ...

Growhard Australia, a company dedicated to making indoor gardening possible anywhere since 1991, manufactures and distributes in the Melbourne, Australia, area. Growhard makes some of the most trusted and proven additives in the industry such as Nutri-Boost, Liquid Lead, and Bud Juice, just to name a few. Innovation, not imitation, is the basis of our research and we develop our products thoroughly using only quality ingredients and rigorous testing. Growhar ...