Hydroponic Base Nutrients

No matter the growth medium, certain hydroponic nutrients are needed by all plants. These base elements of your hydroponic fertilizer are critical to the plants’ ability to grow. Such hydro grow nutrients contain a range of well-known minerals, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and sulphur. These nutrients are usually listed first on all hydroponic fertilizer products and used across all phases of plant growth.

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Base Hydroponic Nutrients by Category

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Canna Aqua Vega A+B + Flores A+B - 4 x 1L Set | Hydroponics Base Nutrient
Canna Classic Vega A+B & Flores A+B - 4 x 1L Set | Run-to-Waste Base Nutrient
Canna Classic Vega Base Nutrient A+B - 2 x 20L

Canna Classic Vega Base Nutrient A+B - 2 x 20L

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