Ultimate Complete Kit

Ultimate Complete Kits for Hydroponics LightingGet your complete set of hydroponics grow tent kits and ultimate complete kit at unbeatable prices at Hydro Experts. They come at varying sizes with discounts. Hydro Experts have their own packages known as Hydro Experts Ultimate Package.

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Gorilla Ultimate Grow Tent LED Package - 152x152x(213-244)CM | Solar System 110 | 6" Fan/Filter
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Gorilla Ultimate Grow Tent LED Package - 91x91x(213-244)CM | Solar System 275 | 4" Fan/Filter
9% OFF
Gorilla Grow Ultimate Package - 91x91x244CM | 315W CMH Light Kit | 6" Fan/Filter Kit

Gorilla Grow Ultimate Package


8% OFF
Gorilla Ultimate Grow Tent LED Package - 122x122x(213-244)CM | Solar System 550 | 6" Fan/Filter

Gorilla Ultimate Grow Tent LED Package - GGT44


9% OFF
Homebox LED Ultimate Package - 80x80x180CM | Mars-ll-400 MK ll

Homebox LED Ultimate Package


10% OFF
Hydro Experts Ultimate LED Package - 120x120x200CM | Mars Hydro TS 3000 | Sensdar 8" Fan/Filter Kit

Hydro Experts Ultimate LED Package


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Gavita has led the way in designing horticultural lighting for companies from large corporations to small businesses. The installations range from 1 - 40,000 luminaries per site. As a development partner of Philips, General Electric and Osram, Gavita designs and produces state of the art electronic ballasts, high-efficiency reflectors and complete fixtures. Gavita builds OEM equipment for several large lighting companies. For greenhouses and indoor faci ...

HOMEbox Product Lines represents the culmination of everything we know about growing plants indoors. Ever since we invented the original portable grow tent back in 2001 we haven’t stopped innovating and improving. The result is HOMEbox Ambient and Vista – our most advanced portable grow tents to date. Quite simply, it forms the ideal space for growing plants indoors, unsurpassed by any other grow tent on the market. All Vista grow tents are fitted with a solid removable waterproof base in addition to the familiar line ...

Mars Hydro specializes in LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009, offering a large range of full spectrum LED grow lights and grow tents for indoor growing. Various types of grow lights for indoor and greenhouses plants growing needs. Whether you need to replace 300W, 600W, 1000W or fluorescent light system, hydroponic systems, or you are just growing for your own use, Mars Hydro got you covered. Mars Hydro aims to provide affordable but high quality LED grow lights to growers around the world. They have developed sever ...

Phresh Hyperfan are a quiet, smooth and efficient hydroponic fan that has the highest CFM per watt of any fan in the industry. They also use half of the power and produce half of the heat when compared to traditional EC and DC motored fans. They have two ranges including their regular Phresh Hyperfanmodels and their stealth Hyper fans which produce little to no noise. They also have speed and temperature controllers which are extremely handy when dealing with environmental control within an indoor garden. Phresh Hyperfan Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors are vastl ...

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IT'S ALL ABOUT PHOTONS Many lamp manufacturers still specify the output of their lamps (illuminance) in lumens, though this just specifies how we humans percieve the intensity of that light. Our eyes are most sensitive to green ligh of 555 nm, but plants are more sensitive to a much broader spectrum. So what is the right way to specify horticultural lamps and how can you calculate with that? What's in it for you? Enter the photons. PAR spectrum Plants primarily use the light ranging fr ...

Sinowell was founded in 2009 and is one of the top global indoor gardening and hydroponic manufacturers and suppliers. They serve OEM and ODM customers from over 50 countries. They offer over 200 products ranging from reflectors, ballasts, bulbs, lamps, filters, fans and more - everything you need to build complete indoor gardening and hydroponic systems. Sinowell is built on innovation and they are constantly developing industry leading products using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing methods. They work directly with customers who have specific product ...

Adjust-A-Wings were designed and built with one task in mind: to provide the best quality, most uniform, canopy-penetrating and plant-friendly light for grow rooms and climate rooms. Unlike some ‘deep-dish’ lighting fixtures which were born in the greenhouse world to supplement sunlight during winter, Adjust-a-Wings are specialty horticultural lighting so ...

Professional Lighting Systems Hi-Par is based on innovation and quality. Bringing you the latest in horticultural digital lighting technology with maximum PAR output and efficiency. Perfect for medical, industrial and hobby horticulturalists. Experience the power of 400v and CHM technology. ...

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Quick summary video about the latest batch of HiPAR Horticultural lights we've received in our Australian warehouse. The Sunstorm kit use #315w #LECtechnology for impressive plant growth. The light output is ...

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Takeaway : LED grow lights bring definite benefits, but choosing the right product usually proves to be quite challenging. Here ar ...