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Flirmask Foil - 1M x 30M | Anti Detection Foil | Heat Shielding

SKU: FLMS20101

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FLIRmask is a groundbreaking material designed to offer unmatched thermal radiation reflection and FLIR infrared thermal shielding, for use in the military and horticultural fields. It can be used as Anti-detection foil – protecting locations and/or field equipment with a high infrared signal from forward-looking infrared (FLIR) detection devices, and as a heat-shielding material – protecting components, equipment, structures or buildings from radiated heat transfer. It can also be used as a hydroponic grow foil & reflective sheeting–improving crop yield and significantly reducing energy leakage thus ensuring significant savings in energy efficiency. It can be cleaned without losing its reflectivity and it is fireproof with a melting point of up to 650˚C to protect any unwanted hazards in your grow room.

  • 70-80% Reflective of radiated heat
  • 96% Diffused reflectance at critical vegetative light
  • 100% IR Shielding
  • Innovative energy-saving properties
  • Contains heat & protects walls & surfaces from conductive heat transfer
  • Fire-resistant for safe & secure peace of mind

In The Box

  • [1] x Flirmask Foil - 1M x 30M | Anti Detection Foil | Heat Shielding