Hoods & Reflectors

Our reflectors & hoods include Gloria Air-Cooled Reflector, Hydrotek King Wing SE Reflector, Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector, Bat Wing Reflector, Gavita & HortiStar, and many more.

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Protective Double Ended Lamp Shield |Blast Resistant | ANSI Standard
Smart Cool DE Air-Cooled Reflector

Designed for use with HPS, MH, CMH grow lights, grow light reflectors are a must for any grow room. The main role of the reflector is to reflect and direct the light to focus on your plants. Grow light hoods use reflective materials to direct the Omni-directional light of grow bulbs down towards your plants, reducing the amount of light lost. For compact fluorescent (CFL) grow lights, you will need to use a specially designed CFL reflector.