Max-Fan Pro 200MM 977CFM + Can-Lite 2000 Carbon Filter 1176CFM + 5M Duct

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Max Fan Pro - 200MM (8" Inch) | Made in Germany

Introducing the next generation of the highly successful Max-Fan series.

The two-speed easy operation button makes the pro series the best value fans in our market.

  • The new tough polymer casing adds a new degree to the product durability.
  • The all new 3D rotor stator motor is even more efficient, higher air flow, and yet quieter
  • The contrasting yellow and black colours make a statement of quality and reliability comparable to high-end machinery.


  • Max. Flow Rate:
    • High: 1220 m³/h (718CFM)
    • Low: 793 m³/h (466CFM)
  • RPM: 3288
  • Watts: 117
  • Amps: 0.6
  • Duct Size: 200mm
  • Blade Design: Diagonal / Mix Flow
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Weight: 4.4 kg


Can-Lite 2000 Carbon Filter

The Can-Lite carbon filter is the latest addition to the Can-Filters Carbon filter range. Recently released after years of testing and research, the Can-Lite has been developed with ease of installation, durability, and effectiveness in mind.

The Can-lite is manufactured using a similar process to Can-Filter 'Classic but instead using a highly perforated, light aluminum casing and a special grade of virgin CKV-4 carbon. This allows the filters to be lighter and handle larger air flow rates without any odor breakthrough.

  • Model: 2000
  • Filter Height (mm): 1000
  • Outside Diameter (mm): 300
  • Weight (kg): 20
  • Thickness of Carbon (mm): 50
  • Carbon Type: CKV-4 light
  • Pre-Fitted Flanges (mm): 200, 250
  • Max Flow Rate : 1176CFM
  • Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
  • Max Relative Humidity: 70%
  • Recommended Fan:
    • Max-Fan
    • Pro 250


Non-Insulated Aluminium Air Duct - 203MM (8" Inch) x 5M

  • This non-insulated aluminium air duct uses mylar and wire construction for durability and maneuverability. It's capable of handling temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and will not kink.


Silver Foil Aluminium Insulation Duct Tape - 50MM x 50M | 30mu

  • A heavy duty heat resistant aluminum tape for repairing ducting.
  • Has pressure sensitive backing for durability and easy application.


Quick Release Clamp 203MM (8" Inch)

  • Quick release stainless steel hose clamps. Just release the tension on the screw and flip up to instantly release the clamp. Allows for easy removal of the clamp for quicker flex duct removal when cleaning the glass in your air cooled fixture or accessing your lamp.

In The Box

  • [1] x Max-Fan Pro - 200MM (8" Inch)
  • [1] x Can-Lite 2000 Carbon Filter - 8" Inch (200MM)
  • [1] x Non-Insulated Aluminium Air Duct - 203MM (8" Inch) x 5M
  • [1] x Silver Foil Aluminium Insulation Duct Tape - 50MM x 50M | 30mu
  • [1] x Quick Release Clamp - 203MM (8" Inch)