Hydro Experts Ultimate Kit Builder for 120CM x 120CM Tent w/ HPS Lights

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Grow tent: 120 x 120CM

The optimal tent for your indoor growth will always be context-dependent on your lights and space. Ideally, you want to get as much space as you can within the purview of your light. A grow tent is a portable, reusable grow room made of a sturdy canvas exterior and will usually have reflective interior material to increase the effectiveness of its built-in grow lights.

It offers insulation to retain the heat that the grow lights produce while stimulating plant growth. A grow tent allows you to recreate nature under your very own conditions. Grow tents are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. 

Smaller grow tents are available for horticulturists looking to grow just a few plants, while larger ones are for those growing a full garden throughout the year.

Grow Light: High-Pressure Sodium Lighting Kits

Your grow light is the most important part of your growth. In nature, the sun grows your plants. Grow lights are responsible for simulating the sun, both in terms of spectrum and intensity. After you have chosen a grow tent, you will need to choose your lighting technology. Which one of the lights is best for you depends on your goals as a grower. A lot of it comes down to budget as well.

Even in the growing era of LED Grow Light technology, many hydroponic growers prefer the gas-charged high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) grow light systems, especially for larger commercial applications. The intensity, broad-spectrum, and light consistencies make HPS or MH lighting suitable throughout the entire plant cycle. This means that the same grow light system can be used from the cloning or seedling stage through the plant’s maturity and harvest.

HPS grow light or High-pressure sodium lamps is a High-intensity discharge (HID) form of lighting that is commonly used as indoor grow lights for hydroponic growth. The HPS light operates when an electrical current is run through an arc tube that has been filled with a gas.

 In this case, the gasses found within an HPS globe is a mixture of sodium and an inert gas Xenon. HPS bulbs are often used for flowering specifically because this technology puts off a very deep red wavelength, which is why it is best for flowering. This type of light forces bulbs to develop dense, robust buds.


Ventilation can consist of a carbon filter, ducting, and an inline fan. These will help you manage heat and humidity in the grow tent, while simultaneously controlling odours. If you want to take things a step further, you can add an intake system. This will help bring in the fresh air and more importantly, CO2, when you expel old air.

You also need at least one clip-on fan to help circulate air and “make your plants dance”. Depending on the size of your tent, you may want a couple of these. Keeping the air circulating in your tent will strengthen stems, keep temps and odours lower, and help discourage pest and disease development. If you want to learn more, check out our post on grow room atmosphere and ventilation.


Grow tent accessories help you to improve your growing experience. We offer various upgrades and supplies for your grow tent, such as CFM kits and height extension kits, and other handy accessories like sensorsclip-on fansdehumidifiersheadlightstorch lights, and microscopes.
While this is all you need to grow (besides nutrients), you will inevitably need some accessories along the way.

These include scissors for pruning, trellis for training, propagation supplies for starting seeds/clones, Thermometers and Hygrometers for measuring temperature and humidity, Smart sensors and monitoring devices to control by using application and CO2 for boosting growth and yields.

You will need many of these at some point, so why not grab them while you’re here?! If you don't see the accessories you are looking for, don't worry. We have everything you could ever need for your grow tent, so just reach out to us or browse our site for it.

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