Clips-on Fans

Having sufficient air movement inside your grow tent or room is important for moving stale air away from the leaves of your plants. These clip-on & oscillating fans act to constantly keep fresh air flowing, taking on the role of wind in nature. Oscillating for maximum effect, clip-on fans are a must for any grower. Some of the best features are

  • Oscillates from side to side
  • Simple to clip on anywhere in your grow room, or grow tent
  • Comes with clip-on keyhole base to be used as a table top fan or a wall fan
  • High output and quiet operation

Some of the clip fans we sell are Sea Hawk Clip Mount Fan, Sea Hawk Wall Oscillating Wall Mount Fan, Hydro Axis Clip Mount Fan, and many more. Visit in-store or order online at and get free delivery over $499. Only at HYDRO EXPERTS!


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