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Hortitek LMU - 24 Outlet + 4 Live | 12 On/12 Off or 24 On Max | 80A | 1 Phase

Timer & Soft Start

SKU: CTRL10105

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The Hortitek Light Management Units are a secure and effective solution for controlling your lighting system. It is important to note that these units must be installed by a licensed electrician, and come in various sizes to fit your particular requirements. These units are constructed with premium components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance when used properly. Additionally, they are housed in an enclosure that is resistant to ultraviolet light and is equipped with a timer to adjust the operating hours to your desired schedule, as well as a safety switch for added protection.

The LMU serves 3 main functions:

  • Time Control: Hortitek LMU can simulate any light cycle by using the 24-Hour timer.
  • Power Control: Hortitek LMU can control, distribute and protect the load by using the circuit breakers.
  • Time Delay: This feature reduces the startup current and prevents voltage drop in the network by staggering the ignition of the load.


  • 315/400W Lamp - Max Qty 32 On 
  • 600/630W Lamp - Max Qty 20 On
  • 800W Lamp - Max 16 Qty
  • 1000W Lamp - Max Qty 12 On/12 Off


  • Phase:
  • Max Amps: 80 
  • Continuous Amps: 64 
  • Note: This LMU can supply up to 64 A load for 24 hrs operation
  • Voltage: 240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

In The Box

  • [1] x Hortitek LMU - 24 Outlet + 4 Live | 12 On/12 Off or 24 On Max | 80A | 1 Phase
  • Top-quality components
  • Built-in timer
  • UV protected enclosure

Installation Instructions:

  1. All electrical items must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.
  2. Check LMU Voltage and Wattage Rating before connecting to any supply.
  3. Loosen screws for each of the joiners. Connect the Neutral (Black wire) from the LMU to the supply Neutral and RED wires to Active Ensure that no bare copper wire protrudes from outside of the joiner. If so, shorten the stripped wire prior to tightening.
  4. Ensure that the joiner is generously taped and that wires are double insulated with tape and each wire is individually taped away from each other.
  5. Connect the supply earth (green and yellow wire) to earth terminal provided on the top of the LMU.
  6. Prior to commissioning, plug in the auxiliary lead (grey lead) into a 10 Amp socket and test the LMU.
  7. Set 24 Hrs Timer to desired ON/OFF time before switching Auxiliary supply.
  8. Read all the warnings on LMU before commissioning.

1-Year Replacement Warranty

  • If the product is faulty within the warranty period, the product will be replaced with a new one.
  • Please send the product to the following address on the contact us page.