Chikamasa Scissors TP-530S | Non-Stick Fluoride Coating

Razor Sharp Edge | Made in Japan

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TP-530S are about 50% lighter than existing product, ultra-lightweight and less fatigue.As to TP-530S blade, spring and rivet parts are stainless steel to prevent from rust.

  • Easy to clean resin and dirt by air blowing
  • Soft cushion absorbs shocks to the hand
  • uses soft flexible stainless steel spring to ease the burden of hands
  • Grip made from soft resin gum provides stress free natural movement of hands and fingers
  • Patented saftey band

In The Box

  • [1] x Chikamasa Scissors TP-530S | Non-Stick Fluoride Coating
  • Combines superior craftsmanship with practically
  • Long lasting, flourine coated, stainless stell blades repel sap
  • Large grips are perfect for both left and right handed use
  • Rounded outer edge prevents accidental plant damage
  • WINNER: "Trimmers Choice Award"