Can-Filter Silencer 500 Std w/ 2 x 250MM (10" Inch) Flange


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The use of fan silencers reduces fan and air noise dramatically.

All our fan silencers can be fitted with flanges (if required) to suit different fan and duct combinations.

To assemble, simply position the fan on the carbon filter, making sure the airflow direction is correct (sucking in through the filter and out through the silencer). Then fit the silencer on the fan.


Model: 500 - Std

  • Outside Diameter: 380MM
  • Inside Diameter: 250MM
  • Length: 450MM
  • Flange: 250MM

In The Box

  • [1] x Can-Filter Silencer - 500 Std
  • [2] x Can Filter Metal Flanges - 250MM (10" Inch)