Give Plants a Boost - Mushroom Experts CO2 Bags with Trichoderma

  1 February 2024 

Have you ever walked into a garden centre and seen those little CO2 bags you can buy to help your plants grow? They're supposed to give your plants an extra boost by releasing carbon dioxide, but do they really work? And what about that other supplement called Trichoderma? You've probably seen it advertised too. Trichoderma is a type of fungus that's supposed to help plant roots absorb more nutrients. But does it make a difference? In this article, we'll look at the science behind CO2 bags and Trichoderma. Are they miracle products or just a waste of money? We'll examine the evidence so you can decide whether these supplements are worth investing in for your plants. Let's dig into the details and get to the bottom of whether these products live up to the hype.

What Is Trichoderma and How Does It Help Plants?

Trichoderma is a naturally occurring fungus found in soil that helps boost your plants. By introducing Trichoderma to your garden, you'll give your plants an all-natural shield and fertiliser.

After using a CO2 bag to enrich your soil, you can harness the power of Trichoderma by soaking the used bag in water. The Trichoderma colonies will multiply overnight, creating a nutrient-rich brew for your plants. When you water your plants with this solution, the Trichoderma establishes a symbiotic relationship with the roots.

This means Trichoderma acts as a biofertilizer, helping your plants absorb more nutrients. Your plants get access to more of the elements they need, like nitrogen and phosphorus, so they can grow bigger and stronger.

Trichoderma also protects your plants from diseases and harmful pathogens. It creates a protective barrier around the roots, shielding them from infections that could slow growth or damage your crops. By introducing Trichoderma to your garden, you'll give your plants an all-natural defence system.

Using Trichoderma extraction is an easy, eco-friendly way to boost your yields and cultivate healthier plants. The benefits of Trichoderma are twofold - it enhances nutrient uptake and protects your plants at the root level. After completing the CO2 enrichment cycle, Trichoderma extraction is the perfect next step towards perpetual growth and more abundant harvests. Harness nature's bounty and witness the difference.

Using CO2 Bags to Give Your Plants a Boost

Want to take your plant cultivation to the next level? CO2 enrichment bags are an innovative way to do just that. These bags provide a controlled release of carbon dioxide over time, creating an ideal environment for your plants to thrive.

When you hang a CO2 bag in your grow space, it steadily emits CO2 which your plants absorb during photosynthesis. More CO2 means more efficient photosynthesis, so your plants can produce more biomass and higher yields. It’s like giving your garden an all-natural boost.

But CO2 bags offer more than just increased CO2. Many also contain trichoderma, a beneficial fungus that establishes a symbiotic relationship with your plants. Trichoderma acts as a biofertilizer, helping your plants absorb nutrients more easily. It also protects them from harmful pathogens, creating a natural shield against disease.

Don't Throw That Bag! Unlock the Post-CO2 Power of Trichoderma

Once your CO2 bag finishes releasing CO2 after about 6 months, don’t just throw it out. You can harness the power of the Trichoderma left behind in the bag’s substrate. Simply soak the substrate in water, and the Trichoderma will multiply, creating a nutritious tea for your plants.

Applying the Trichoderma Tea

Water your plants with the Trichoderma tea, and they’ll reap some major benefits:

  • Enhanced nutrient uptake. The Trichoderma helps plants absorb nutrients more efficiently, fuelling healthy growth.
  • Pathogen resistance. Trichoderma establishes a frontline defence against diseases, protecting your plants from harm.
  • Improved soil structure. Trichoderma promotes good soil aeration and root growth.

For the best results, reapply the Trichoderma tea periodically and consider using a new CO2 bag at the same time. Observe how your plants respond and adjust as needed.

By using CO2 enrichment bags and harnessing the power of Trichoderma, you'll be well on your way to higher yields and a sustainable garden. It’s not just a bag; it’s the key to perpetual growth.

Top 5 Benefits of Using CO2 Bags

Using CO2 bags provides some major benefits for your plants. Here are the top five:

Increased Photosynthesis

Elevated CO2 levels stimulate photosynthesis, allowing your plants to produce more biomass and higher yields. The controlled release of CO2 from the bags optimises this crucial process.

Improved Plant Health

The Trichoderma extract in the CO2 bags establishes a symbiotic relationship with your plants’ roots, enhancing their natural defences. This shields them from harmful pathogens and diseases, resulting in an overall improvement in resilience and vitality.

Better Nutrient Absorption

Trichoderma also promotes the absorption of essential nutrients by plant roots. This enables more efficient uptake of the elements your plants need to fuel robust growth.

Enhanced Soil Structure

Trichoderma contributes to soil health by facilitating the development of well-structured, aerated soil. This allows for better root penetration and distribution of nutrients in the medium.

Sustainable Practise

Extracting Trichoderma from used CO2 bags is an eco-friendly practise. It maximises the benefits of the product through a sustainable cycle while reducing waste. Continually fortifying your plants’ environment with this natural extract positions, you at the forefront of sustainable gardening.
Using CO2 enrichment bags provides a host of benefits for your plants through every stage of their development. The controlled release of CO2 stimulates photosynthesis and growth, while the Trichoderma extract establishes a symbiotic relationship with roots to enhance health, nutrient absorption, and natural defences. Extracting this beneficial fungus from used bags is also an eco-friendly practise that promotes sustainable gardening. Overall, CO2 bags offer a holistic solution for cultivating robust, high-yielding plants in an environmentally conscious way.

How to Use CO2 Bags for Best Results

Using CO2 bags is straightforward, but following some best practices will ensure you get the maximum benefit for your plants.

First, hang the CO2 bags in an area with good air circulation, such as near an oscillating fan. CO2 is heavier than air, so hanging the bags will allow the CO2 to diffuse properly in the growing area. Make sure to hang them at the plant level for the best results.

Second, monitor your plants regularly for signs they need more CO2, like slow growth or yellowing leaves. When you first start using the CO2 bags, check on your plants at least once a week. Adjust the number of bags based on how your plants are responding. More bags mean higher CO2 levels, so you may need to add or remove bags to get the right amount for your plants.

Third, consider using CO2 bags in conjunction with a ventilation system and exhaust fan. The fan and ventilation will help with air circulation and prevent CO2 buildup to unhealthy levels. Run the exhaust fan for at least 15 minutes every hour to refresh the air. You want to aim for CO2 levels between 1200 to 1500 ppm for most plants.

Finally, replace your CO2 bags every 6-12 months depending on the size of bag and how many you are using. Although the bags release CO2 for a long time, the levels will drop over time. Replacing the bags ensures your plants always have plenty of this essential gas to promote robust growth and maximum yields.

Using CO2 bags is an easy, inexpensive way to give your indoor plants the carbon dioxide they need. By following these best practises, you’ll have your plants thriving in no time!

Green color in Co2 bags

The green colour you observe is actually trichoderma, a type of mould. In this context, Trichoderma is considered safe to use. It's not harmful, and in fact, it can be beneficial for the soil and plant environment. So, if you notice the green colour resembling mould, specifically trichoderma, there's no need to be concerned; it won't pose any harm.

FAQs About Using CO2 Bags and Trichoderma for Houseplants

Have some questions about using CO2 enrichment bags and Trichoderma extract for your houseplants? Here are some of the most frequently asked ones.

What exactly does a CO2 bag do?

A CO2 enrichment bag provides a controlled release of carbon dioxide over time which helps boost photosynthesis in plants. More CO2 means your plants can produce more energy and growth.

What is Trichoderma and why is it good for plants?

Trichoderma is a beneficial fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. It helps plants absorb nutrients more efficiently and acts as a natural defence against diseases. Extracting Trichoderma from used CO2 bags gives your plants an extra boost.

How often should I use CO2 bags and Trichoderma?

For the best results, replace your CO2 enrichment bags every 6 months. As for Trichoderma, you can repeat the extraction process with used bags 2-3 times before discarding them. Monitor how your plants respond and adjust the frequency based on their growth stages and needs.

Are CO2 bags and Trichoderma safe for all houseplants?

CO2 enrichment bags and Trichoderma extract are suitable for most common houseplants. However, some plants may be more sensitive to changes in their environment. It's best to test them on a few plants first before using them on your whole indoor garden. Look for any signs of leaf burn or poor growth. If there are no adverse effects, you can proceed to use them on other plants.

Do I still need to fertilise if using CO2 bags and Trichoderma?

Yes, CO2 enrichment bags and Trichoderma extract work best when used in combination with a balanced fertiliser. They provide the means for your plants to utilise nutrients more efficiently but do not actually contain nutrients themselves. Follow the normal fertilising routine for your houseplants to give them all the essential elements they need.
Using natural and sustainable products like CO2 bags and Trichoderma extract are a great way to help your houseplants thrive. By understanding how they work and following some simple tips, you'll have the greenest thumb on the block!


So that's the lowdown on how to give your plants a helping hand with CO2 bags and Trichoderma. Pretty nifty, right? Now you've got a couple of extra tricks up your sleeve to nurture your green friends and help them reach their full potential. Growing thriving plants can be super rewarding, whether it's for your well-being, to decorate your home, or even as a money-making venture. Whatever your reasons, just remember that plants are living things - be patient with them, get to know their needs, and build a little relationship. With some care, attention, and a few handy boosters like we've covered here, you'll be well on your way to becoming a top-notch gardener. Happy growing!