Botanicare Low Tide Trays

4 x 4ft | Black | Made in USA

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Botanicare Low Tide trays are a perfect match for growers who need just a little something to put under their plants.

Diagonal drainage grids direct water out of the tray. Low-profile sidewalls with trimmed edges are approximately 3.5” high. All Botanicare trays are made in the USA using renewable solar energy and contain at least 80% recycled materials.


Size: 4x4 Black

  • Inside Dimension: 47.5” x 47.5” x 3.5”
  • Outside Dimension: 49.125” x 49.125” x 3.625”
  • Capacity: 30 Gallon

In The Box

  • [1] x Botanicare Low Tide Trays - 4 x 4ft