8 Pieces x 5 Gallon 19L Bubble Bags Bag Filtration Ice Herbal Set Extraction Kit

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Safely and effectively extract plant resins and herbal extract that plants naturally produce with our 5 gallon reusable bubble bags. These revolutionary bubble bags help remove dust and unwanted contamination using only ice, water, and high quality micro screens.

Composed of high grade double stitched canvas, these bubble bags are built to withstand repeated uses and will work efficiently for a prolonged period of time. Each bag is color coded and labeled to simplify usage. A built-in draw string allows each bag to easily attach and release from the bag underneath it.

Each different colored bag has a different sized micro screen which allows you to easily separate your herbal extract into different grades. The different micron levels are designed to extract the varying sized crystals and hold all the finest crystals while removing dust and any other contamination.


  • Bag Diameter: 27CM
  • Bag Material:600 x 300D Oxford Cloth
  • Pressing Screen Size: 16CM x 16CM
  • PVC free

In The Box

  • [1] x 5 Gallon Purple = 25 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon White = 45 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon Yellow = 73 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon Black = 90 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon Orange = 120 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon Red = 160 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon Green = 190 Micron
  • [1] x 5 Gallon Blue = 220 Micron
  • [1] x Pressing Screen