Mars Hydro LED

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HomeLab GL120 Tent Ultimate Package - Mars Pro II Epistar 320 - 1.2M x 1.2M x 2M
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Mars Hydro LED Reflector 96 - True Watt 203W @ 220V |  Epistar HI-LED 5W Chip
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Hydro Experts HID Ultimate Package - Lumatek 600W - 120CM x 120CM x 200CM
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Hydro Experts LED Ultimate Package - Mars Reflector 192 - 120CM x 120CM x 200CM
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Mars Hydro LED Mars-II-400 - True Watt 174W @ 220V | Epistar HI-LED 5W Chip

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Cree and Epistar LED chips both are widely used in LED displays. Most LED display companies buy chips or lamps from them. Cree is of good quality and the price is just OK but a little high in the market, most high grade customers choose Cree. The most common-used brands of LED diode are Epistar made in Taiwan and the quality of these LED chips are judged mainly by 3 criteria, which is brightness, attenuation and &nbs ...

If you want to know what the best LED grow lights are? Well, that depends on many factors. We will guided you understand the world of LED grow lights and increase your knowledge before you buy that special lights for your precious grow. PLANT TYPE AND PHASE Low light VS high light conditions Do the plants need full sun or low-light conditions? Dimmable LED lights may be the way to go for adjusting PAR intensity. Dimmable LEDs (such as ...

ACTUAL LED OUTPUT WATTAGE Comparing LED grow light power When comparing LED lights to HID lighting (HPS/MH), use the actual LED output wattage. To get an equal amount of photosynthetic active radiation from LEDs as you would HID lighting, use about 50-75% less wattage than a HID setup. For example, to get 1000 watts of actual LED power you could use 2 LED panels that draw 500 watts of power in place of a 1500-2000 watt HID system. These numbers represent a wide range, and the actual power will differ depending on the brand, diod ...

CONSTRUCTION UNIT HOUSING High-quality LED grow lights are made with a metal housing. If the unit is plastic do not purchase it. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor and helps transfer excess heat that is produced by the LEDs. DRIVER Look for grow lights that contain a "constant-c ...