Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers have larger chambers and, if they do run off a battery, longer battery lives than their hand-held counterparts, meaning they require fewer refills and recharges than portable devices. This makes them ideal for longer vaping sessions involving multiple people. A vaporizer needs a way to deliver the vapour from the heating chamber to the user. Like heat sources, this can be achieved through different methods. One way to differentiate among delivery systems is whether they are assisted or unassisted. Some designs can be used with both methods.

There are a variety of intake methods, such as balloons, whips, or water pipe extensions, that desktop vaporizers can feature. Since most desktop vaporizers come with more than one of these different features, they will cost you quite a bit more than portable pen vaporizers. A desktop vaporizer is easy to use and will produce high-quality vapour which is second to none and make the best vaping experience.

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