2 April 2019
Aeroponic plant cloning is commonly used in vegetative propagation (cloning) by professional gardeners. Vegetative propagation is an asexual form of plant reproduction. A section of stem that includes a growth tip is separated from its parent plant and then induced to produce roots. This allows the plant parts to grow in different locations. They are referred to as ...
Maximum Yield

1 October 2018
Question: Should I feed my freshly cut, unrooted clones, or wait until the roots get established? Answer: When propagating wit ...
Lynette Morgan from maximum yield

16 August 2018
Takeaway : What’s going on beneath the surface of your garden? It’s essential to the health of your plants to ensure a vital root zone, and you can’t do t ...
Chris Pianta from maxmium yield

13 February 2019
Takeaway: When it comes to nurturing seedlings, gardeners need to be careful given how fragile plants are in the early development stage. Below are some tips for growing healthy pre-veg seedlings. ...