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Canna Aqua Expanded Clay Balls - 45L | 8-16MM | Clay Pebbles | Made in Holland
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Canna Terra Professional - 50L Bag | Potting Mix | Soil | Substrate | Made in Holland
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Canna Coco Professional Plus+ - 50L Bag | RHP Certified
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[55 Bags] x Canna Aqua Expanded Clay Balls - 45L | 8 - 16MM | PICK UP ONLY

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Author: Canna   Date Posted: 19 September 2017  

Coco substrate can act as a buffer, storing water and nutrients for the plant. Buffering can work in several ways. There are water buffers, pH buffers, nutrient buffers and the coco buffer. ...

Author: Canna  

CANNA COCO is easy to use Because of the high costs of nutrients and the complexity of sophisticated hydroponic systems, more and more growers turn to CANNA COCO for their personal needs. One satisfied customer stated: “Although I’ve already grown a few harvests, I must honestly say that I still haven’t got a clue about growing. With potting mix everything always went wrong. First, too much water, and then too little. But that’s history since I’ve been using CANNA COCO. I’m the perfect example that coco sub­strate is idiot proof.” ...

Author: Canna  

Quality differences in COCO substrate In 1998 the popularity of coco rose enormously causing a shortage of its raw material. As the leading potting mix and substrate producers could no longer ignore the product, they started to use raw material from new sources without considering the quality aspects. This resulted in huge crop damages, especially in France and the Netherlands. In order to prevent delivery problems in times of high needs CANNA went overseas and made substantial investments in local infrastructure. Concrete bunkers were built ...

Author: Canna  

Let’s face it, this is the mantra of too many growers. There are so many self identified ‘boosters’ out there it would take a super computer to count them. The problem is, only a few are true metabolism boosters, which is what a booster should be. Most are either additional nutrients, organic compounds , or simply an extract of someone’s old socks! One company we know actually markets three different products that contain exactly the same ingredients, only they changed the names to protect the inn ...

Author: Greens Hydroponics  

Mixing hydroponic nutrients isn't rocket science but it can be confusing if you're a novice to plant fertilizers. In this short tutorial we show you how to mix Canna Aqua Flores - a popular hydroponic nutrient used during the flowering and fruiting stage. ...

Author: Canna  

The CANNA Grow Guide provides you with a personalised grow schedule The schedule is based on your type of water, the product line you use and much more. The personalised Grow Guide offers you a schedule which is based on your own grow situation! For optimal results use the Grow Guide Below! ...

Author: Zach Zeifman  

Expanded clay pebbles have been a staple of hydroponic systems for years. They’re safe and easy to use and provide plants with plenty of what they need to thrive. But that’s only if you’re going about it the right way. Apply Zach Zeifman’s tips and tricks during your next growth cycle to ensure the most success when using expanded clay pebbles in the grow room. Derived from small pieces of clay processed at extremely high temperatures, expanded clay pebbles have become a go-to grow medium for many hydro growers over the last 10 years, offering numerous benefits to gardeners when u ...