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Terra Aquatica Nutrient

Founded in France in 1994 by William Texier and Noucetta (Marie) Kehdi, Terra Aquatica has been a trailblazer in sustainable farming. Their journey began with the renowned White Owl WaterFarm hydroponic farm, which supplied Michelin-starred restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1990s.

From the outset, William Texier championed innovation, blending hydroponic technology with organic and bio-sensitive methods. Their commitment to purity led to the creation of a unique category in modern farming – living nutrient solutions. By harmonizing plants with their environment, Terra Aquatica's approach eliminated the need for pesticides, nurturing crops with beneficial organisms.

This groundbreaking fusion of hydroponics and organics, aptly termed "Bioponic," has garnered global attention, with Terra Aquatica leading the way. Today, their products support growers worldwide, catering to diverse climates and unique microenvironments.

Terra Aquatica's dedication to sustainable and environmentally sensitive solutions has earned them respect in academic circles worldwide. William and Noucetta share their expertise through extensive teaching and have authored essential literature in the field of agriculture. William's book, "Hydroponics for Everybody," available in seven languages, is a staple for agriculture students worldwide. Join Terra Aquatica in cultivating a greener, more harmonious future for farming.

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Q: Are the American and European formulas for the TriPart® the same? If yes, why are the NPK values different?

A: Yes, the TriPart® formulas are consistent between the USA and Europe. The variation in NPK values stems from differences in American and European legislation.

Q: Why is TriPart® made up of three parts?

A: The concept of a three-part nutrient system was introduced by GH in 1976. Each of the three parts serves a specific function. By combining different ratios of TriPart® Grow, TriPart® Bloom, and TriPart® Micro, growers can precisely meet their plants' evolving needs and make specific adjustments to create customized nutrient blends.

  • TriPart® Micro, the base component of TriPart®, provides essential elements like nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, and trace elements required for comprehensive hydroponic nutrition.

  • TriPart® Grow contains elements crucial for the vegetative growth phase. When added to TriPart® Micro, it provides additional nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur, stimulating structural and leaf growth.

  • TriPart® Bloom includes phosphorus, necessary for flowering and fruiting, and sulfur, which contributes to aroma development.

Q: Can I use hydrogen peroxide (OxyPlus) to maximize the oxygenation of my nutrient solution as part of bioponic growing?

A: No, using hydrogen peroxide (OxyPlus) is not recommended for bioponic growing as it can harm the bacteria responsible for decomposing organic matter. Instead, you can use an air stone in the central reservoir to enhance oxygenation.

Q: Can I use Terra Aquatica nutrients in the soil?

A: Absolutely! You can use our nutrients in open soil or in pots. Nutrients designed for hydroponics are typically comprehensive and highly soluble. They will be just as effective in soil, and you'll likely need to use 50% less compared to traditional soil nutrients. Our nutrient formulations contain all the essential elements needed for plant growth. Start by adjusting your dosage according to the label instructions and then fine-tune the mixture based on your plant's specific needs.

Q: What is the shelf life of your nutrients? Is there an expiry date on the bottles?

A: The shelf life of our nutrients depends on storage conditions. To ensure optimal shelf life, store the nutrients away from light. Consequently, our products do not have an expiry date.

Q: Can I mix the concentrated nutrients together and then add them to the water?

A: No, it's not advisable to mix the concentrated nutrients together before adding them to water, as this can lead to the components crystallizing. Instead, add each nutrient separately directly into the water.