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Bio Diesel Nutrients is on a mission to elevate the standards of quality and enhance the nutritional value of hydroponic and organic produce in Australia. Our goal is to improve the overall plant cultivation experience, offering organic alternatives to salt-based fertigation. We're dedicated to reintroducing the importance of biology in hydroponics, increasing yields without resorting to harsh chemicals, heavy metals, or mined salts. Our aim is to produce natural plant additives that not only enhance the medicinal and nutritional qualities of indoor and outdoor crops but also elevate their overall value.

Bio Diesel's extensive range of high-performance hydroponic additives is designed to bolster biological processes and promote significant growth in addition to existing hydroponic and organic nutrient programs. Our product range caters to both soil-based growers and hydroponic producers, with the flexibility to be customized for Pro-Mix living soils.

We are continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, collaborating with leading agronomists in Australia to develop cutting-edge solutions for high-performance horticulture. We are deeply committed to achieving larger, more sustainable harvests without causing harm to our planet.

Explore our selection of natural extract additives and take your next crop to the next level through organic means.

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Q: Is Bio Diesel compatible with other PK additives and growing programs?

A: We have conducted comprehensive testing with all major hydroponic growing programs, including Canna, H&G, GH, and more. Bio Diesel has proven to be compatible with every product we have tested so far. Notably, Bio Diesel does not contain high-concentration potassium salts, making it fully compatible with other PK (Phosphorus and Potassium) boosters. Additionally, the presence of Fulvic and Humic Acid serves as organic chelators, contrasting with EDTA, which forcibly drives nutrients into the plant.

Q: Do I need to use an air pump or circulating pump in my tank?

A: Yes, you have the option to use either one. For smaller tanks, we recommend using air pumps, while for larger tanks, recirculating pumps are preferred.

Q: Will Bio Diesel affect the pH of my final nutrient solution?

A: All Bio Diesel products are natural and do not raise the pH. They are pH-friendly and tend to lower the pH of most solutions by approximately 0.1. For instance, if the solution starts at a pH of 6.3 and you add Bio Diesel, it will typically become 6.2 pH.

Q: Will Bio Diesel affect the EC of my nutrient solution?

A: Bio Diesel will only increase your EC by approximately 0.1 EC points, equivalent to 50-70 ppm (parts per million). It seamlessly integrates into your existing or preferred growing program.

Q: How much nutrient solution and how many times per day do you recommend feeding a Coco Fiber 'run-to-waste' hydroponic system?

A: The frequency and volume of feeding depend on various factors, including the growth stage, pot size, growing environment, and the specific system being used. As a general starting point, it's advantageous to provide smaller feeds more frequently, particularly during the 'lights on' period. Once your plants are established and actively growing, you can begin with two feeds per day and increase to four feeds during the flowering stage (approximately every 3 hours during the 'lights on' period).

However, water consumption can vary based on different plant varieties and growing conditions. In general, aim to deliver at least 2 liters per day for 20-liter pots and 5 liters per day for larger 50-liter pots. It's essential to monitor the runoff from your nutrient solution against the fresh nutrient tank solution to assess the pH and EC (electrical conductivity) values of the Coco fibers and make necessary adjustments.