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Scissors & Pruners

Find a wide assortment of high-quality scissors and pruners at Hydro Experts. We carry renowned brands like Chikamasa, Saboten, and Fiskars that offer durable, precision-made cutting tools. Whether you need anvil pruners for hardwoods, bypass pruners for canes and softwood, Kiyozuru utility scissors, or secateurs for roses and vines, we have the pruning and cutting tools to get the job done right. 

Our selection features time-tested models from Chikamasa, known for their razor-sharp, heavy-duty blades that stay sharp through years of use. Saboten offers ergonomic pruners and scissors with comfortable grips and optimized leverage ratios for more efficient cutting. Fiskars is renowned for their innovative, high-performance pruning shears and scissors with features like soft-grip handles and effort-saving mechanical advantages. 

Whatever your pruning needs, from hedges and shrubs to roses and vines, we carry a wide range of dependable pruners and scissors from leading brands. Our selection of anvil pruners and bypass pruners provide the cutting power and durability for any job. Stop by our store or shop online today to find the perfect pair of scissors or pruners for your cutting and pruning tasks.

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