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Rosin Presses

Whether you're looking to extract essential oils from flower petals or produce your own herb extracts, a rosin press is a valuable tool in your workshop. Here at Hydro Experts, we carry a wide selection of rosin presses to meet your needs. From hand-operated manual presses for small batch production to hydraulic rosin presses for high-volume extraction, we have options to suit any budget. 

Rosin presses allow you to produce high-quality hash oil at home using heat and pressure to extract essential oils and resins from plant material. A heat press utilizes heated plates that melt the resin glands on the plant material releasing the oils and resins. Manual presses require you to apply pressure by hand while hydraulic presses utilize hydraulic force to squeeze the plant material. 

Whether you need a compact manual rosin press for personal use or a larger hydraulic rosin press for producing extracts at scale, we have presses designed for efficiency and precision. Our presses are made with durable materials and precision engineering to ensure consistent, quality extractions with every use. Browse our selection of presses now and find the right rosin press for your extraction needs. Our customer support team is standing by to answer any questions you have.

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