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Duct Reducers / Increasers

Find the precise duct reducers and increasers for any ventilation application at competitive prices from Hydro Experts. Our range of duct reducers and increasers includes various sizes to transition from one duct diameter to another. Whether you need a duct reducer to go from 300MM to 250MM, 250MM to 200MM, 200MM to 150MM or 150MM to 100MM, we have the reducer fittings to match your project's exact requirements. 

Duct increasers allow for expanding the diameter of a duct system in a smooth, efficient manner. They help minimize air turbulence and resistance in your ventilation system. Our increasers are available in the most common transition sizes needed for industrial, commercial and residential ventilation installations. 

Our duct fittings are manufactured from heavy-duty galvanized steel or aluminium to withstand the rigours of commercial and industrial ventilation applications. They feature securely riveted seams and rounded corners for maximum strength and durability. All duct reducers and increasers are shipped fully assembled for quick installation. 

Whether you're a ventilation installer, indoor grower, or electrician, rely on Hydro Experts for the highest quality duct reducers and increasers at the lowest possible prices. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.

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