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Duct Connectors

Hydro Experts offers a complete selection of high-quality duct connectors to meet all your ventilation needs. We carry a wide variety of 3-way Y duct connectors, duct reducers, duct elbows, duct joiners, flanges and other fittings made from galvanized steel or stainless steel. 

Whether you need insulated or non-insulated duct connectors for commercial or residential ventilation systems, we have the options to get the job done right. Our duct joiners are available in multiple sizes to ensure a proper connection between duct runs. Elbows and tees allow you to change airflow direction or split ducts to multiple outlets. 

Duct reducers are used to transition between different duct sizes while maintaining airflow efficiency. Y connectors branch one duct into two separate runs. Flanges provide a flat surface for connecting ducts to fans, air handlers or other system components. We also offer flexible connectors to absorb vibration between rigid ducts. 

All of our duct fittings and connectors are made with heavy-gauge steel for strength and durability. Our inventory includes both standard and high-velocity fittings. For specialized projects, we can also source custom-made duct connectors to your exact specifications. 

Whether you need to make new duct connections or replace worn fittings, Hydro Experts has the duct connectors and ventilation supplies to complete any job on time and budget. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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