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Duct Clamps & Duct Tapes

Hydro Experts offers a wide selection of high-quality clamps and tapes for securing ventilation ducts and pipes. Whether you need duct clamps for joining and sealing ductwork or duct tapes for sealing air leaks, we have the products to meet your needs. 

Our duct clamps are made from durable stainless steel that resists corrosion and ensures a tight seal for years. We offer spring clamps, worm gear clamps, and adjustable band clamps in various sizes to accommodate different duct diameters. The clamps come pre-lubricated for easy installation but provide a secure grip once fastened. 

For sealing ducts and air ventilation systems, our duct tapes are specially formulated to adhere strongly to metal surfaces. We have foil tapes, all-purpose tapes, and fabric tapes in multiple widths. The tapes feature special adhesive coatings that resist UV light and temperature extremes so the seals will last. Our Ventilation tapes are tested to meet UL-181 standards for air duct applications. 

Whether you need clamps for joining duct sections or tapes for sealing leaky joints and connections, Hydro Experts offers solutions to meet your ductwork and ventilation needs. Contact us today to find the ideal duct clamps and tapes for your project.

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