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Complete System

The Bucket Company have created the world's first patent pending grow system - The Medical Planter 1.2 Gallon 12 Planter Growers Kit - to be made using FDA & EPA Approved Plastics. The Medical Planters Kits will eliminate 99.95% of Mold, Algae and E-Coli within 24 hours!

The Medical Planters ensures your plants are now thriving in your growing medium safe from any harmful, bacteria and pathogens. The systems have been tested to ensure nothing can form inside the planter's walls - therefore your plants can develop problem free throughout all stages of growth. Compatible with coco coir, soil, or hydroponics - The Medical Planter uses the Ez-Pz Feeder System which is universal in design allowing it to be setup as - Top Feed Drain to Waste or as a Recirculating System.

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