Water Chillers & Heaters

Keep your plants healthy and happy with a water chiller from Hydro Experts!

You want your plants to grow healthy and strong, right? Well, that's why we have water chillers! They help maintain a nutrient solution temperature between 18 and 21 degrees Celcius, which is perfect for plant growth.

The nutrient solution is circulated throughout the system/reservoir, where it encounters cooling coils and is chilled to the desired temperature. The cooled solution is then circulated back into the system, providing ideal temperatures for explosive root growth and disease suppression.

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Water Chillers & Heaters by Category

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Hailea Water Chiller HC-1000A | 1HP | Water Refrigerated 300 - 2000L
Hailea Water Chiller HC-130A | 1/15HP | Water Refrigerated 50-300L
Hailea Water Chiller HC-250A | 1/6HP | Water Refrigerated 100-600L
Hailea Water Chiller HC-300A | 1/4HP | Water Refrigerated 100 - 800L
Hailea Water Chiller HC-500A | 1/2HP | Water Refrigerated 100 - 1200L
Hailea Water Chiller HC-100A | 1/20HP | Water Refrigerated 50-220L

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