Duct connectors are Fibre woven metallic duct and provide durability and tear resistance. They also are high tensile wire sprung to retain duct shape and flexibility. Our duct fitting products include Quick Release Clamp Jubilee, Y Duct 3 Way Connector, Galvanized Steel Round Duct Elbow, and many more. Visit in-store or order online at and get free delivery over $499. Only at HYDRO EXPERTS!

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Measuring the temperature of a solution Control your nutrient solution temperature and prevent big swings. Temperature affects plant growth, flowering, seed production and pollination. If it’s too cold, seeds won’t germinate, cuttings won’t root, flowers won’t produce pollen. Your plants will grow slowly or stop growing altogether. Too hot, your seeds won’t germinate and cuttings won’t root. Plants can die from oxygen deficiency, or succumb to pathogens that like higher temperatures. Most plants prefer a root zone temperature of 18 ...

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Takeaway : Plants need sunlight to grow, but it will turn your greenhouse into a solar oven if you’re not careful. Here’s h ...