Fan Speed Controllers

Fan Speed Controllers manually adjust and slow the running speed of any type of outlet or inlet fan. Simply plug the fan controller into the mains and plug your fan into the unit and adjust the dial to regulate the speed of the fan.

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SMSCom Hybrid Controller MKII - 4A | Twin Fan Speed Controller | No Humming
SMSCom Hybrid Controller MKII - 8A | Twin Fan Smart Controller | Thermostats
SMSCom NTC Temperature Sensor Only

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Author: One Stop Grow Shop   Date Posted: 2 January 2020  

Adding a fan speed controller to your extraction system provides the user with the ability to adjust how fast the fan is running and therefore the extraction rate. This is especially handy as the weather becomes cooler. A large extraction system running at full tilt may be great at keeping temperatures right during the height of summer. However in many cases, when the cooler months arrive, the same large extraction system without any controller will make it virtually impossible to keep temperatures warm enough for good plant growth. Different Typ ...

Author: By Hydrofarm’s Kelley Ryan   Date Posted: 9 October 2017  

When setting up an indoor garden, air circulation and exhaust are just as important to your overall plant’s health as water and light. A successful gardener can use airflow to control temperature and humidity, which will help prevent disease and eliminate hot spots. So…what’s the best way to set up your exhaust? Keep in mind that hot air rises, so the best place to set up your outgoing air is at the top of your room, and intake should be closer to the floor where the air is cooler. It’s important to note that an intake fan is not alway ...

SMSCOM has a full range of Fan Controllers. Wether it concerns a manual digital Smart Controller or the advanced software controlled Hybrid Controller, there always is a SMSCOM controller that fill you needs. From 2002 2S International BV develops and produces innovative solutions for monitoring and controlling surroundings. Whether it concerns the climate in a room, the monitoring and controlling of a green house or a fish tank, 2S International BV has the hard- and software solution. Fan Control Soil Moisture and Temper ...