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Harvest-Master Controller - Climate Model | 240V AUS Version
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Harvest-Master Controller - Climate Pro Model | 240V AUS Version
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Harvest-Master Controller - Pro Plus Model | 240V AUS Version

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Author: Canna  

It’s well-known that plants use macro and micro nutrients for tissue development and good biological progress. However on occasions we forget that carbon is also one of the necessary elements for the life of plants, and all organisms – of course. Not only are essential elements made up of carbon but so are desired metabolites like those in sensory properties such as aroma and flavour. A lack of carbon would not only result in a lower biomass but the plants would also be of inferior quality and strength. This precious element is absorbed through the plants’ stomata in gas form, ...

Growing plants and getting great crops seems to many, a mixture of science and craft. 'Craft' is science that people learned from experience; when, how and what to do for a better crop. Harvest Master will add science to fill those knowledge gaps; deliver you professional yields. Harvest Master controllers are suited for pro growers and novices alike. Flowering plants or vegetable crops, hydroponic or soil, grow-room or greenhouse, Harvest Master gets you a GREAT result. ...