Carbon Filters & Odor Control

Activated carbon filters used in hydroponic grow rooms are the most effective means of cleansing the extracted air to remove any odors. These filters work by a method called adsorption (as opposed to absorption). Simply put, adsorption means that odor-causing molecules stick to the inside of the activated carbon without the carbon itself increasing in size.In the same way that a sponge can only hold so much water before it is completely saturated, carbon filters to reach a point where they are unable to extract any further odor-causing molecules from the air. In addition, the adsorption characteristic of the carbon means that heavier molecules can displace lighter ones - freeing the lighter molecules to flow out into the atmosphere. For growers, this means that they will detect odors leaving their extraction ducting before the filter reaches the end of its useful life. This is known as the breakthrough point. Premium carbon filters such as the Phresh and Can-Filter range not only have a useful life much longer than competing brands, they also retain odor-causing molecules more effectively, which leads to a later breakthrough point. Users of these filters can rest assured knowing that their extraction air will be odorless right up until it's time for a new filter.

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Can-Lite 600 Carbon Filter - 353CFM | 150MM x 540MM
Mountain Air Carbon Filter - 200MM x 500MM | 8" Inch | 360CFM | MA0820
Odour Neutralising Agent (ONA) Bubblegum Boom - 750ML | Odour Remover
Odour Neutralising Agent (ONA) Linen Fresh Spray - 750ML | Odour Remover
Original Phat Phresh Air Activated Carbon Filter - 100 x 300MM | 200CFM

Original Phat Phresh Air Activated Carbon Filter - 100 x 300MM | 200CFM

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Phresh In-Line Air Carbon Filter - 200 x 600MM | 750CFM
Phresh In-take Air Filter - 200MM x 300MM | 550CFM | Scrubber For Inline Fans

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