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In the New Year of 2023, three passionate individuals with over 60 years of combined experience in indoor gardening, horticultural, and lighting design noticed a significant gap in the market. They realized there was a lack of economically efficient and thoughtfully designed grow equipment. This realization led to the birth of Treegers.

Treegers is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing affordable grow gear that provides exceptional value for money while surpassing performance and durability benchmarks. Every product is designed from the ground up, ensuring it is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing in both form and function. Welcome to Treegers: Affordable grow gear done well!

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Treegers' mission is to offer the highest quality LED grow light solutions and grow equipment at affordable prices. They are committed to assisting growers, both indoors and out, to achieve optimal growth and higher yields while reducing energy use and costs. Their dedication to innovation ensures they provide the best possible products and support, keeping them at the forefront of horticultural lighting science and technology.

Technology & Science

Treegers strives to provide cutting-edge LED grow lights and accessories to their customers. They emphasize light spread, uniformity, fixture efficacy, modularity, cost per micromole, and increased lifespan, utilizing only top-bin diodes, optics, drivers, and frame components. Treegers' LED grow lights feature advanced heat sink technology, ensuring they operate coolly and efficiently. They are IP66 rated for water and dustproof resistance, offering robust protection.

Uniform light distribution avoids hotspots and promotes even growth, ensuring every plant receives the same amount of light. Their lights deliver high photon effectiveness, with fixtures achieving up to 3.1 μmol/J and diodes up to 4.35 μmol/J on the GL+ fixtures. This efficiency helps growers achieve optimal growth and yield increases while lowering costs.

Their Values

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Fair Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Assurance

Treegers is committed to providing the best goods and services. Their strict quality control procedures ensure that every product meets high standards for functionality, reliability, and safety. Their team of professionals thoroughly examines and inspects each product before it reaches customers, guaranteeing it meets stringent requirements. Trust in Treegers for precise quality control and products that will live up to expectations.

How do I properly maintain my LED grow light?

To ensure your LED grow light continues to perform at its best, regularly inspect the fixtures for any damage. Clean your fixture with a soft damp cloth and use caution when cleaning LED bars to avoid damaging the silicone resin coating. Compressed air can help remove dust from crevices. Always disconnect the fixture from power and allow it to cool before cleaning or maintenance.

Can Treegers products be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening?

Treegers' GL LED fixtures are IP66 rated for dust and water ingress protection, making them dust-tight and resistant to high-pressure water jets. However, they are designed for indoor use only and should not be operated outdoors or in wet environments.

How do I know which Treegers LED grow light is right for my specific growing needs?

Treegers offers a diverse range of grow lights tailored to various applications, from the GB15W Grow Bulb to the expansive GL1000W+ Grow Light Fixture. Understanding your plants' light requirements is crucial. Some plants thrive under modest light conditions (50-250 umol/m2/s), while others need higher light levels (up to 1000 umol/m2/s). Use the Treegers Quantum Par Meter to accurately measure light levels and optimize your plants' growth.

How do I clean my Treegers LED grow light?

Regularly clean your fixture with a soft damp cloth, taking care not to scrub too hard and damage the silicone resin coating. Use compressed air to blow dust from crevices. Always ensure the fixture is disconnected from power and cooled before cleaning.

Are Treegers products energy-efficient?

Yes, Treegers' LEDs are highly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting sources. They convert a higher percentage of electrical energy into usable light, resulting in less wasted energy as heat. LEDs consume less electricity for the same light output and have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to overall energy savings.