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TomsTumbleTrimmer is the manufacturer of Tom's Tumblers and the new PYTHON - most efficient and effective dry trimmer on the market! Our bladeless, netted tumblers are fast and gentle and preserve your trichomes. Why pay more? Buy the best!
Additional Information
Hello, and welcome to, home to what is hands-down the best trimmer on the market. Our patent-pending design is superior to other trimming options in six key areas, we’re certain you’ll agree.
1.) One, it’s gentle. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer does not use metal or abrasive blades that overwork your product or scrape off precious crystals.
2.) Two, it’s fast. One person can beautifully process commercial volumes in a fraction of the time it would take many people to do the same work by hand, saving thousands of dollars in labor
3.) Three, it’s cost-effective. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a fraction of the cost of all other commercial trimmers.
4.) Four, it’s portable. The unit can easily be moved by one person.
5.)Five, it’s safe. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer works without motors or blades.
6.)And six, it’s off the grid. No electricity is needed, so it can be used in discrete locations.


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