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Super Thrive

SUPERthrive Vitamin Solution isn't just another fertilizer; it's a revolutionary vitamin-based formula for your plants. Much like how our bodies require a diverse array of nutrients to thrive, plants also need more than just the typical nitrogen, potassium, and potash found in most fertilizers. Dr. Thomson's exclusive plant health-enhancing VITAMIN formula incorporates the power of kelp and Vitamin B, resulting in larger, more vibrant blooms, bountiful harvests, and exceptional outcomes.

Here at Hydro Experts, we offer a range of Super Thrive Vitamin Solution sizes to meet your gardening needs. Elevate your plant care routine with the nourishing benefits of SUPERthrive.

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Q: Why should I use Superthrive?


  • Growing and Maintenance: Superthrive promotes the natural processes that plants typically undergo under ideal conditions, enhancing their potential for optimal growth.
  • Transplanting: When transplanting trees and plants, they often experience stress, leading to issues such as leaf loss, root damage, or even plant loss. Superthrive can effectively prevent and treat transplant shock, ensuring the survival and health of your plants or trees.

Q: How Often Should I Use Superthrive?

A: Superthrive is gentle enough for regular use every time you water your plants. We recommend applying it to dry soil and then refraining from adding additional water for 24 hours.

Q: What if I use too much Superthrive?

A: It's advisable to follow the recommended directions when using Superthrive. If you happen to overapply, simply add water to the soil to dilute the concentration.

Q: Is Superthrive organic?

A: Superthrive is natural and non-toxic; however, it cannot be certified as organic. To label a product as organic, all its ingredients must adhere to OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) guidelines.

Q: Will my bottle of Superthrive expire?

A: For optimal results, it's best to use Superthrive within two years of purchase.

Q: Why is it sometimes hard to open my bottle of Superthrive?

A: Droplets of Superthrive inside the cap can dry out and make it challenging to open. In most cases, turning the bottle upside down and tapping it against a surface or running it under water can help loosen the residue. To prevent this issue, consider wiping the inside of the cap after each use.