The Smoke Buddy utilizes a carbon filter that eliminates the smell from the exhaled vapour. Just exhale into the mouthpiece and Smoke Buddy does the rest of the work for you, putting the carbon filter hard at work to eliminate odour and traces of visible vapour! Small, light and portable, the Smoke Buddy will be your best friend when it comes to vaping in front of family and friends. No longer will you have to leave the conversation to avoid causing irritation. They design and develop high-quality products to help smokers reduce secondhand smoke, odour and pollutants while enjoying their tobacco product. 

We, at Hydro Experts, sell varieties of Smokebuddy brand personal smoke filter that eliminates odor such as Smokebuddy Jr Blue, Glow in the Dark, Orange, White, Teal, Black, Red, and many more. Free Shipping over $499 of purchase.

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