Rock Nutrients

They take great pride in their products and their ability to give growers the results they desire. From veg to flower they have a full line that will simplify your feed and deliver unmatched results to your garden. Rock Nutrients has been developed by growers for growers to enhance and protect your plant so it can achieve its maximum results allowing you to reap the rewards of a successful harvest. 

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of Rock products such as Rock Burst, Rock Fusion Bloom, Rock Fusion Glow, Rock Nitrogen Additive, Rock Resinator, Rock Star, Rock Super Growth, and Rock Supercharge.

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Author: Canna  

Sulphur is one of the molecular building blocks for a number of proteins, hormones and vitamins, such as vitamin B1. It appears in many important plant tissues, such as in seeds and in cellular moisture. In the form of sulphate, sulphur fulfils an important role in the water equilibrium in the plant, as well as in the soil. For hydroponic gardening, all the nutrients a plant needs are given while watering. As a result of this, fertilisers designed for hydro culture contain high concentrations of lime and sulphur. In order to prevent calcium and sulphur from reac ...